About Us

MASTERMAZE is a great family game you won’t want to put down. Navigate the track and avoid the holes. It sounds simple but beating MASTERMAZE is no easy feat. Generations have enjoyed countless hours, honing the skill it takes to master this most challenging game. Even in an age of tablet computers and game consoles, nothing rivals the tactile thrill of trying to beat MASTERMAZE.

First launched in 1979, MASTERMAZE was designed and manufactured, by hand, in wood and plastics, by a family business operating out of small factory in Blackmore Essex. Now, MASTERMAZE is being re-launched for a new generation!

Our British design team have built on nearly forty years of development to produce the best possible experience for modern consumers. MASTERMAZE 2018 has been re-imagined using cutting edge software, and all of our games are manufactured in the UK using recycled materials wherever possible.

MASTERMAZE’s brand of battery free fun simply doesn’t date. You can play when and where you like, and the self-explanatory gameplay translates into any language. In a world saturated by screens, WiFi and “in app purchases”, MASTERMAZE offers the perfect antidote for parents who want their kids to take a break from the virtual world, and adults hankering for the nostalgia of days gone by.

Throughout its long and successful history, MASTERMAZE’s tactile and intuitive gameplay has fostered good-natured competition between almost everyone who has picked the game up. While we are proud to sell a product that does not have a screen or need WiFi, our online store and social media presence also mean that people on opposite sides of the globe can now compete. How far can a player get without falling down a hole? Who can get to the centre of the maze fastest?

In 1979 MASTERMAZE was a local phenomenon, by the 2000’s it had become a national hit. Now, in 2018, our simple but endlessly entertaining game is ready to take on the world!